Grow Your Own – April 2017 (3)

Last year was our first year of poly-tunnel growing. Due to a combination of lack of confidence and wanting to get a head start on growing a few crops I bought some ‘starter plants’ from a local DIY store to give us a head-start while I waited to see if the seeds I had planted were going to actually grow!


I bought a 6 pack of tomatoes as starter plants. We also planted 4 varieties from seed and virtually every seed germinated so I ended up donating a lot of tomato plants to family & friends. I had 2 problems last year, the first was overcrowding as I planted the 6 starter plants in the same raised bed – I have never seen such big tomato plants – it made it really difficult to actually see and harvest all the delicious tomatoes. The second issue was that I think 10 varieties was a bit much, they all tasted great but I ended up making a lot of tomato soup (I will share my easy recipe once I have some tomatoes to cook).


Peppers were the other starter plant I bought last year. Initially I planted the 4 plants in the same raised bed, inter-planted with shallots and I got a few OK-sized peppers. One of the plants appeared to be dying so it ended up on the compost pile, after this the other 3 seemed to be ‘coming back’ so I relocated them to another bed (on their own) and successfully grew peppers well into autumn. This year I am trying to grow them from seed, I am dedicating a raised bed only for peppers and I will make sure to pick out some of the flowers to concentrate the growth into fewer, larger fruits.


I have always grown courgettes successfully, although I am the only person in our family who likes to eat them. I enjoy grilling the smaller ones whole on the barbecue and using the larger ones in tomato-based sauces and in soup. I have planted both green and yellow courgettes this year (3 seeds of each) and hope to have around 4 plants in the raised bed, which will be more than sufficient for us.


Peas are something that I have never grown before. I have picked 2 varieties – mangetout & sugar snap which we all enjoy and which I plan on planting regularly throughout the season.

I was given 2 pieces of advice some years ago, which has always stuck with me – “grow what you eat” and “if you are short on space then grow crops which are expensive to buy” and both these varieties are expensive as they are flown halfway across the world!


My final sowings on Sunday were herbs, which again, are expensive to buy. I have chosen my 3 most used herbs – Basil, Coriander & Chives, both for my kitchen and the polytunnel. I have 3 ceramic pots, which I use for herbs on my breakfast bar and I have always found the pots in which shop-bought herbs are sold are too big for these, so I have made sure that these ones fit properly. I have also sown a larger pot with Basil, as I planted a shop bought pot in the polytunnel with my salad leaves last summer and it grew fantastically well for months as it was able to put down deeper roots, so I plan to plant basil among the salad this year as well.


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