Living Intentionally 2014

Those of you who know me well will know that I don’t DO New Years Resolutions, it is a long standing joke that every year I give up Gin and Cigarettes – safe in the notion that I don’t smoke & don’t drink gin.

Last year (2013) I made a decision to try to live more intentionally & start a journey towards minimalism, simplify my life & perhaps make a few discoveries about myself along the way.

I stopped buying bin liners (trash bags) and started re-using my stash of plastic disposable carrier bags instead, this took me almost 6 months!  I purged my wardrobe, shoes, handbags & accessories.  I set up a charity book exchange in work to clear out the books I would never read or never need again.  As a family we worked through every bedroom, sorting wardrobes and drawers, donating the excess to charity or friends – bags & boxes galore left our house.  I have set up a one in – at least one out policy, which means that every purchase is made intentionally, with the knowledge that as each item is paid for then at least one (or six) items will have to go.


It is working, but we still have too much stuff and it feels too slow.


This year (2014) I decided to continue my journey, by setting monthly goals towards a more simplified life.


In January I decided to tackle my ‘coffee addiction’, limiting myself to just one coffee every day.  For some this would seem easy but for someone with a 4-5 cup of good, strong coffee / day habit it was a bit of a challenge.  I was pleasantly surprised that after the first few days I wasn’t even drinking my first-thing-in-the-morning cup, instead waiting until late morning or early afternoon – my family have become accustomed over the years with not even attempting conversation with me until I have had at least 1 cup.

After 3 weeks I discovered that my 6 year, 2 week/month hormonal breast pain was gone, my afternoon energy slumps had all but disappeared and my bones and joints were less sore in the morning!

By the end of the month I was perhaps drinking ½ – ¾ of my daily cup & the rest was going cold and I have found a new respect for the vast array of herbal teas on the market.


Month 1 Challenge completed I have since enjoyed a second cup on a couple of occasions and even had one glass of Coke with my dinner whilst dining out last weekend but I am definitely not going back.


February’s challenge has begun – No Alcohol for 1 Month!