April is here and it has brought the sun with it, but it is breezy so temperatures are still cool, unless you happen to be in our poly-tunnel, which is positively tropical!


I spent several hours pottering around on Sunday, I began by gently weeding around my strawberry plants which are producing lots of flowers and are starting to show signs of fruit. I then buried some small pots in the centre of my ready-planted raised beds and filled them with Guinness – being in Ireland the slugs love the stuff! I find it far more effective than beer in drawing the slugs in & at least they die happy!


The garlic & shallots are coming on brilliantly with lots of bright green shoots appearing. I added a small grouping of spring onions, which I had tossed in the top of my compost pile at the end of last year. They had started to take root among the composting stuff so I decided to give them another chance and they will ‘fill the gap’ until this year’s spring onions are ready to eat.


I have thinned out the beetroot shoots to ensure there is only 1 plant growing in each space, they grow slowly and last year the single shoots produced far better beets than the ones which I allowed to grow in pairs. The other half of this bed is currently my ‘free zone’ which has 2 leftover red onions, a celery which I re-rooted in water after using the rest for soup, a red cabbage plant which my daughter was given & 3 rooted lettuce which I bought in the supermarket & planted out after using some of the leaves for a salad – these are now more than twice their original size!


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