My 2 packs of ‘Charlotte’ seed potatoes all ‘chitted’ well and I have planted them in 3 tubs. I prefer to grow potatoes in tubs as it is easier to tip them out rather than dig – less stressful on my back and less damage to the lovely potatoes.


I started by washing out my deep tubs and lining the base with some newspaper to prevent the compost from falling through the drainage holes at the bottom.


I then added a couple of inches of Miracle-Gro compost, especially formulated for root vegetables. The chitted potatoes were placed on top, making sure the shoots are pointing upwards. I then added about 8 inches of compost on top of the potatoes.


For now I am keeping the pots in the poly-tunnel to boost early growth and protect the young shoots against any frost as the evenings are still chilly.


Another bonus was my discovery that this year’s seed potatoes cost less than last year, it wasn’t much but it doesn’t happen often these days so it made me smile.


I am still waiting on the Sweet Potato tubers, which I have been assured will be with me by the end of June!


Watch this space!





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